Bob Damnit (Lead Vox/Guitar)

Bob Damnit uses Gibson Guitars, Orange and Vox Amps and Ernie Ball strings.


Bill Patrick (Lead Guitar/Vox)

Bill Patrick uses Gibson Guitars. Soldano Amps. Kemper Profiling Amp. Boss, Wampler, Fulltone and Ernie Ball pedals.D'Addario strings.


Mike Lindenbolt (Bass Guitar)


Mike Lindenbolt uses Gallien-Krueger amps. Ampeg SVT 8x10 cabinets. Darkglass Microtubes effects. Fender and Schecter guitars.GHS Boomers strings. Tortex picks.


Ric Martelino (Drums)


Ric Martelino uses Tama Drums and hardware. Zildjian cymbals. Regal Tip drumsticks. Remo drumheads. Cympad cymbal washers. MAY EA internal drum microphones. 


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